Four killed in a Road Crash in Jamaica

The NRSC notes with deep regret and sadness the news of the terrible tragedy which occurred in the early hours of March 1st. At a time when the nation is already struggling to deal with the rising number of road fatalities, the sudden death of four persons on the Braco road in Trelawny is a disaster of no mean order. And one that ought to galvanize the entire nation to take the issue of road safety much more seriously, at all levels of our society, than has hitherto been the case. For despite recurrent events like what happened this morning, leaving families and loved ones to mourn,  sometimes for years, and oftentimes with an attendant dire financial burden, we have tended, as  a people, to continue to use the roads with less care and responsibility than is required.
Our prayers and condolences go out to families of those who died. And we pledge our continued commitment to work tirelessly, with government agencies and Ministers whose portfolio responsibilities impact on road safety, and with the private sector to promote safety on the nation’s roads.
In this context we urge the nation to take note of the fact that the United Nations Global Road Safety Week will be celebrated from May 4-10, 2015. An event for which the NRSC  has already began to plan. And although the focus will be on child safety, 
#SaveKidsLives, it is our hope that all lives will be spared from death and injury on account of the planned activities.


Dr. Lucien W Jones
Vice Chairman


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