God, Prayer, Climate Change and Croaking Lizards


I  have two friends on Twitter who are non – believers. Atheists? Not sure. But serious doubters about God and Jesus and Elijah and ‘ Chariots of Fire’, etc.
One, Dr. Michael Abrahams,  who featured in the previous message,  is a colleague: a well respected Gynaecologist, but  is more famous as comedian. Recently he wrote a satirical piece on Prayer. That praying to God, will give the same results as if we were praying to a croaking lizard!
Then this evening in a #breakingnewsstory #Dionnejacksonmiller host of the popular evening program on #rjrfm94 #BeyondTheHeadlines declared her great fear and dislike of croaking lizards. Despite the fact that they are useful in the fight against the mosquitoes which carry the dreaded Zika Virus; the original topic that triggered the news item when someone sent a text recommending the their effectiveness. ( My house has been lizard proof for years. And I am the official croaking lizard killer. Or else no peace)
So I tweeted at Michael provokingly:

So DJM  you definitely would not be praying to any croaking lizard. Right! @mikeyabrahams @djmillerJA @Petchary @souldancing #BTH

And predictably Michael responded with:
@lucienforJesus @djmillerJA @Petchary @souldancing The outcome would be no different: yes, no or wait.

And the follow up:

@lucienforJesus @djmillerJA @Petchary @souldancing Intercessory prayer is a colossal failure.

One more thing. A couple days ago, Petchary and I, the other bon-believing  friend on Twitter, and an Oxford scholar,  had a conversation on Twitter about Climate Change, Creation and Sin. And she was astounded, and ‘ parted company’ with me, philosophically, on account of my assertion that there was a connection.

Then last night, before retiring to bed, I opened Oswald Chambers’ Complete Works, ‘randomly’ and found this:


November 26,1916, Zeitoun (Egypt World War 1) Sunday Morning Service

And he woke, rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39 (RV)

This verse is a picture of of our own spiritual life; there are occasions, such as this war, when it looks as if God is asleep, as if all our prayers were of no use; there are breakers ahead and it looks like destruction. But when He awakens in us, He calms the storm and rebukes our unbelief.

The life of Our Lord exhibits the influence of character on climate. It is easy to make this absurd, but looked at from the attitude of the Spirit of God, you find there is an amazing connection between the storm and distresses and wild confusion of the earth just now,  and the waywardness and wrong of man;  when the waywardness of Man ceases and the sons of God are manifested, then ” the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God”. ( Romans 8:19-23)

The Bible reveals that there is a close connection between character and climate. Ruskin ( one of the great Russian writers) is almost the only writer who recognizes it, and in this respect he is akin to the great prophets. The reason for the connection is fundamental. According to the Bible revelation, God created man a mixture of dust and Deity, and when the Redemption comes to its full scope, the whole earth is going to partake in it. Because man’s body and his earthly setting have been affected by sin,  we are apt to think that being made out of dust of the ground is his shame; the Bible implies that it is his chief glory, because it is in that body the Son of God was manifested.

Comment: Two things. One is the mystery of how God uses seemingly  ordinary conversations to show us a glimpse of His Glory. For if anyone can only see a coincidence between Dr. Michael Abrahams’ questioning of God’s Sovereignty,  and an answer provided by our, apparently random,  reading of Oswald Chambers’ struggles to see God at work in the horrors of WW1,  and  Jesus calming the raging storm, in response to the Intercessionary prayers of the terrified  disciples, then such a person is stifling his  or her conscience.

And  two, the powerful message  of God awakening in us, is so profoundly reassuring. But such a growth, such a development, as Chambers taught,  only comes about the more we pray.

For prayer nourishes the transcendent nature of the God who lives in us in and through Christ Jesus. And when He is fully awakened in an individual, and in a Church, no power, no storm, no trial,  on earth can resist Him.
I pray God, that despite the supernatural attempt to confuse and discourage, over the centuries, not just today, God’s people will persevere in praying without ceasing. For in such a way, is a nation, and a civilization, and the very creation itself,  rescued from the wages of Sin, by The One Who died on Calvary. Christ Jesus!
#TheFiveMarksofMission of the Worldwide Anglican Church.


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