Whites killing Blacks, Blacks killing Whites and Jesus died that all might live

Martin Luther King Jnr. must be ‘ turning in his grave’. A thought which triggered a Tweet last night.
60 years after #IHadaDream black folks still having  nightmares become reality in the USA #BlackLivesStillMatter #PoliceLivesMatter
And at that time I had heard about ‘ two fallen officers’! This morning the #DailyGleaner with a banner headline, ” Time To Heal”,  ( in Dallas) reports that five cops died and seven were injured.
All of this coming against a background where, earlier this week, two black men, in two different American cities,  in possession of a licensed firearm, were, according to very moving eyewitness accounts, ‘ executed by white policemen.
Interestingly,  while in Jamaica,  many were posting comments on social media, in support of #blacklivesmatter,  a few others were pointing fingers at the Jamaican police force. And reminding us of the numerous cases of extrajudicial killings, and the deeply entrenched culture of abuse of ‘ poor black youths’.

Maybe #NationalHero #SamSharpe is also ‘turning in his grave’.
Yes,  we all agree with the statesman like speech that POTUS Obama made. Making the point that for the most part American police are good men who carry out their jobs professionally and fairly, but that a few others have a different agenda. Although  some might well argue,  cynically,  that the ratio is reversed in Jamaica, in respect to the approach to ‘ poor tires living in an inner city’. And which ‘ reality’ is fueling sentiments opposing the new government’s intention to ‘ interfere ‘ with the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Jamaican people. Even if that intention is in (hot) pursuit of the reduction of violent crime which is literally ‘ sucking the life blood’ of the nation. A dream that we all share in!
So did Martin Luther King Jr ‘ die in vain’? Were ( Rev) Sam Sharpe’s heroic efforts to free black people from bondage to white slave masters pointless? Are we to be ‘ policed’ by a new order, with a different agenda, and a more sinister dream. 
A major problem as Facebook exploded with comments of concern by mothers of young black men in the USA – and I have three grandsons and two sons, one married to my daughter the other married to my other daughter, living there. And a major problem for mothers living in #WrongAddresses in Jamaicalandwelove.
Not really! For despite all the heroic efforts of many freedom fighters over the centuries,  and human rights activists and social engineers and visionary leaders, a basic feature of life remains true. A fact captured in another Tweet last night.
Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says it differently is selling something – the Princess Bride. In the USA, in Jamaica #NeedJesus
This came as I continued my bedtime reading of Rev. Timothy Keller’s classic Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering. 
And being reminded of the essence of the Christian message that a ” Sovereign but yet  Suffering God” revealed Himself on the Cross of Calvary. Where He died and was raised from the dead, so that Suffering Humanity might have a new Life. And have it more abundantly in this life and the next.
A narrative that triggered a fiery sermon by my Rector, Rev. Sirano Kitson, last Sunday. Calling us to proclaim the power and love of God in a world of ‘ breaking news’. To proclaim Hope in a world of Hopelessness – the worse thing that can happen to anyone or to a Nation.
For, my words, all that Martin Luther King jr and Sam Sharpe did was to be obedient to Christ who called them to proclaim the Good News in their time. And He who began a good work in them will bring it to completion one day – a verse from Holy Scriptures.
And the Good News is that Dallas and  other flashpoints in the USA and in Kingston Jamaica ( a young girl battling for life when police shot up an illegal taxi, allegedly fleeing from them) will only experience True  Healing in and through Christ. Otherwise there are going to be many other ‘ long hot summers ‘ ahead.
So Christians, black young men included, and their mothers, in the USA and in Jamaica, need to fortify themselves with prayer and a desire to ‘ live in the secret place of the most High God’. For the God we serve has called us not only to believe on  Him, but to suffer with Him also.
To suffer: 
 For the Redemption of white and black ‘ off message ‘ policemen in America, in Jamaica and across the world. 
For the Redemption of ‘ off message’  politicians! For the Redemption of  ‘ off message’ fathers in inner cities, where trouble often begins. 
For the Redemption of  business people who have not received the memo that ‘ righteousness exalts a nation but sin…paying people low wages….tax avoidance….human trafficking especially of young vulnerable poor girls….grooming young girls….is a reproach to a Nation.

In the same way that Martin Luther King jr and Sam Sharpe and others did. 
So in spite of the many joys and beautiful moments that life  had to offer, the truth is that since the ‘Fall of Adam’, all hell has broken loose on earth. Part of which ‘ Pain ‘, emerged dramatically in the USA last week. And in Jamaica the week before! And will soon happen again! And again.
So yes Life is Pain and anyone who has a different narrative, even if it is  clothed in Christian garb, don’t believe it. Even if it comes on TV, or is promoted by Google! For if there is no suffering, Christ is not in it.
For it is the Pain of human suffering that carried Him to the Cross. And in Him we know that God truly loves us. Sinful mankind! And hence we are called to reveal that same love to Suffering Humanity. To those who are murdered and to those who murder.
So as I was reminded last night in a meditation from Oswald Chambers, 

‘ Choose ye today who you will serve’.To whom will ye be loyal. To the Suffering Savior or to your idea of God.

Truly then :
In times like these we need a Saviour.

Be very sure, your anchor holds and grips the solid Rock Who is Jesus 



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