The Real Hillary Clinton and the Real Donald Trump as seen by God 


A vacation is an important time for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual renewal. Together with family and even when alone!
So far I’ve had a chance to make good progress, in between watching #RNCinCle and #DemsinPhilly, with a book I would highly recommend. “Encounters with Jesus”,  by Rev. Timothy Keller.


Yes, the same one who wrote Walking with God through Pain and Suffering. A topic which ought to be of great interest to everyone in this time of terror and violence and suffering all over the world.

As, from death because of  flooding in China, to suicide bombs in Afghanistan and Germany, to violence in another night club in America to the killing of a priest in France, the story is the same; pain and suffering.
It is in this context of terror and violence around the world,  and specifically in the USA, that DonaldTrump the Republican nominee for the Presidential elections, is making his appeal to the US voters.

As ” he alone can fix it”.
While over in the DNC,  Hillary Clinton aided by a wonderful speech by First Lady Michelle Obama, and a equally brilliant one from her husband, former president,  Bill Clinton, is appealing to voters, to vote for ‘ the real Hillary’,  and not the ‘ made up one’. The one who has the experience and temperament to lead the ‘greatest country ‘ in the world.

This is how they see themselves, and how others see them.
Then last night,  the Lord showed me the real Hillary, and the real Donald and the real me and the real you. The real Portia, the real  Andrew. The real PJ Patterson and the real Bruce Golding And it is not a pretty sight, ‘ in his eyes’!

No matter what Alecia Keys, or Meryl Street or Cory Booker or Ivanka Trump or Melania Trump may think. Nor what we or even our parents, children or friends may think about us!
It is for the reason as outlined in the meditation below, why  the words of this hymn had been in my heart as I awake  during this holiday period.
Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crown,

When Thou camest to earth for me;

But in Bethlehem’s home was there found no room

For Thy holy nativity.

O come to my heart, Lord Jesus,

There is room in my heart for Thee
And especially this verse:
Thou camest, O Lord, with the living Word,

That should set Thy people free;

But with mocking scorn and with crown of thorn,

They bore Thee to Calvary.


Those things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart….For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, formications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies. These are the things that defile a man.
Initially we trust in our ignorance, calling it innocence, and next we trust our innocence, calling it purity.

Then when we hear these strong statements from our Lord, we shrink back, saying, ” But I never felt any of those awful things in my heart.”.
We resent what He reveals. Either Jesus Christ is the supreme authority on the human heart, or He is not worth paying any attention to.

Am I prepared to trust the penetration of His Word into my heart ( come into my heart Lord Jesus… words), or would I prefer to trust my own ” innocent ignorance”?
If I will take an honest look at myself, becoming fully aware of my so-called innocence and putting it to the test, I am very likely to have a rude awakening that what Jesus Christ said is true, and I will be appalled at the possibilities of the evil and wrong within me………But when I am open and completely exposed before God, I find that Jesus Christ is right in His diagnosis of me.
The only thing that truly provides protection is the Redemption of Jesus Christ. If I will simply hand over myself to Him, I will never have to experience the terrible possibilities that lie within my heart. Purity is something far too deep for me to arrive at naturally. But when the Holy Spirit comes into me, He brings the center of my personal life the very Spirit that was exhibited in the Life of Jesus Christ, namely, the Holy Spirit, which is absolute unblemished purity.
Comments: I would recommend, especially for those who have not yet decided to follow Christ, and even for those who have, to purchase Keller’s” Encounters with Jesus”. As the essence of the message is that without the Holy Spirit, the Second Advocate, Jesus being the First Advocate, you cannot follow Christ. 
Which is exactly what Chambers is saying. Otherwise Michelle Obama’s profound message to all humanity can become your reality and mine.
” There go I but for the grace of God”.
To commit formications, to kill priests, to bomb the innocent and defenseless, to decide that Black Lives don’t matter and Blue Lives don’t matter. To lie and steal and pretend that we are good people. 
Thank God for Jesus, then, that all who invite the Savior into their hearts, through the Power of The Holy Spirit can live a life, holy and blameless before The Living God. And find Peace,  and share this Good News with Donald Trump, with Hillary Clinton,  with Portia and with Andrew, and the whole world,  to the Glory of God.



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