Understanding and Preparing for Hurricane Matthew 

As I woke up this morning, with the rain falling and thunder rolling, and checked the latest update on Hurricane Matthew ( now down to a Cat 4 thank God),  I sought a Word from the Lord. 
This,  while contemplating my song in the night last night,  ” Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”. And a reminder of a Psalm I was inspired to quote this week:

Do not fret – it leads only to evil. 37:8
So I began with my ‘ Anthem ‘:
My hope is built on nothing less

than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness….
And when I pondered on verse two:
In every wild and stormy gale

my anchor holds and will not fail…..
my mind went to Psalm 19. I am not sure why, and it certainly does not necessarily mean that God is in every Hurricane causing death and destruction. But it gave me pause!
For there is no questioning the fact that :
” The heavens declare the glory of God”, as St. Paul used this reality as the basis for declaring in Romans that, because of ‘ what has been made ( the heavens) God’s invisible qualities ( His Eternal Power and Divine nature) have been revealed, and so ‘ men are without excuse’ – in suppressing the truth about God.
The question is, what is the Lord saying to us through this Psalm, as we face as a nation, not an existential threat, but a power of nature whose destructive forces we cannot even begin to imagine?
As I reflected on this, I considered  in my own puny mind, that sometimes God has to remind rebellious and arrogant mankind, really how small, weak and helpless we are, compared to His Almighty Power. And a Category Five Hurricane is but a mere glimpse of the kind of Power that God has! 
Interestingly, however, the Psalm is not all about God revealing Himself through Nature, but through His Word, the Law….. and ” By them your servant is warned….as who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults.
What does this mean in the light of ‘ the more and better particulars’ of Christ, who is ‘ The end of the Law’?
The answer, which came into my mind, as I wrote, lies in the Words of Jesus Himself that, ‘ unless He came men would not be guilty of Sin’.
So the ( Life and Death…..)  Blood of Jesus serves both as an eternal warning as well as an Atonement for Sin. 

So that men are without excuse! 
O Jesus, may we then regard this imminent danger as a warning to a Nation hell bent, literally and metaphorically, on self -destruction. In how we conduct our politics – divided our people into warring camps; economically,  how we have set up, what Bob Marley calls ‘ Vampire systems….sucking the blood of the poor, moving from ‘ a village caring for a child’, to a totally capitalist society about Bernie Sanders ‘ burned with anger;  in how we have destroyed the protest  and message music of the 70’s and embraced ‘ bruk out ‘ Dancehall and Soca music…a yah so nice and ….tempted to touch…O Jesus; how we have aided and abetted the creation of wicked gunmen, ‘ by what we have done, and by what we have left undone’, who are able to create the kind of mayhem in Montego Bay about which we are still lamenting;  in how we, a former enslaved people rescued by the Power of a merciful God, have now in  ‘ follow fashion ‘ style,   joined up with powerful evil forces in questioning the very existence of God,  and whether or not His Son died for our Sins; and how some Church Leaders and followers, who apparently don’t fear the Living God, have caused the innocent and the cynical to question the role of His Church in our society. O good Lord, hear and forgive.
Then Psalm 20, immediately following 19, brought a Word of comfort. Regardless of what happens in the next couple of days!
” May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; 

may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.

May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion…..
Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the Lord.
May God indeed, by the precious Blood of the Lamb, even Christ Jesus, send us help from His Sanctuary. In the midst of all the storms of life. 

So let us not fret, but pray for mercy, even as we prepare. 



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