With the unfortunate deaths of two young men, a male driver and a male passenger,  ages 44 and 42, on the first night  of the long weekend, and a total of 12  road fatalities  already for the month of April, the NRSC is  again reminding all users of the roads to be extremely careful over the long weekend. Please remember to slow down and observe the speed limits. Do wear a helmet whilst driving on a motor cycle, both driver and pillion,  and buckle up in both the front and read seats whilst driving in a vehicle. Please do not drink or use any other mind altering substance, including marijuana whilst piloting a motor vehicle. And do not text or use the cell phone whilst driving. Finally, pedestrians please be very alert whilst using walking on the side of the road, and be very  patient when crossing the road. Hopefully if we all adhere to these simple rules, after a long weekend when many people travel long distances, no further loss of life will take place.


Dr. Lucien W. Jones

Vice Chairman


Patron: HE Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General

Chairman: The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister

Executive Director: Mrs. Paula Fletcher MBA


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