Judgement or Mercy in Jamaica and the World.

Many Jamaicans believe that our country is so far gone, that the level of indiscipline is so embedded in national psyche, ” this ship has sailed”, offered one cynic on Twitter, that we will never return to any semblance of civility and public order.

Others hold a different view! that, if we toss overboard our political differences, overcome our class distinctions, promote human rights, and let go of our religiosity, ‘ too much talk about God and prayer’, we can become a peaceful and progressive and democratic country.

The Christian ‘fundamentalists’ agree with my Twitter cynic. But that’s where it ends. As, in their view, we are now living in ” end times”. And Bible prophecy says that ” people’s hearts will grow more wicked “. So no amount of #ZOSO or #SOE or improving parenting skills or growing the economy, or beefing up the Police Force, is going to help! For Judgement is close!

Perhaps ” Judgement ” , in the form of the new Road Traffic Act, which the Senate passed yesterday, is really at hand for those motorists who break the law with such impunity. Overtaking a long line of traffic. Regularly! Creating a third lane, and ‘undertaking’, the other motorists, patiently waiting. Regularly! Going right through the Red, Red, Stop Light. Regularly! Breaking the speed limit ( flying low). Regularly!

Perhaps ” Judgement “, has already arrived for those men who are ” three and four burners”, and have a ” trailer load of girls”. And who, having reached middle and old age, can find no peace. As wife, girlfriend, matey, deputy, baby mother and children, are no longer in their lives. Only kully kully rum, better located in a more graphic turn of phrase, cigarettes and distant memories. With the celebration of Mother’s Day a painful reminder of what could have been!

Perhaps ” Judgement ” has already arrived for those who have been scamming ‘ little old ladies ” for years. Who have used their ill gotten and filthy lucre to finance a hype and bling life. To finance the purchasing of weapons of death and mayhem! But, who now find themselves, or are found by others, in prison, at best, or lying on the ground dead, at worst, having confronted the security forces. For the last time!

Perhaps ” Judgement ” has already arrived for politicians et al, who have fostered and instigated the distribution of guns, ” A wha dat “, into the hands of ” unattached youths “. Thus opening a Pandora’ s box of murder and chaos and mayhem, hitherto never experienced in this fair isle. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s cannot put Jamaica together again. Who knows what torment is afflicting the souls and hearts of men and women, who are guilty of this egregious act of wickedness.

Perhaps ” Judgement ” has already arrived for the high and mighty and well heeled. Including members of the Security Forces. Those who swear to protect the society and uphold the Law. Those whose connections have allowed them to flout, and escape, the long arm of the law. Repeatedly! But inevitably now find themselves in a ” spot of bother “. In prison! Or in the full glare of public scrutiny. With more to come!

Perhaps ” Judgement ” is arriving for those who have used the privilege of being entertainers, columnists and journalists and talk show hosts, along with those possessed of creative skills, and shapers of public opinion to fashion a culture of crassness, low moral standards, anything goes, popularity, and profit, is what counts, and ‘ to hell’ with anyone who objects. As in the case of one female Gleaner columnist writing in a ‘family newspaper ‘, the Daily Gleaner, and, ‘sailing way past the wind’ of linguistic ” indecent exposure “, my ( but clearly not in the editor’s) view, countered with ‘ the children are seeing it on google anyhow ‘. Or words to that effect.

But though ” Judgement ” in various forms, may be attending those who have lived carelessly and without ‘ the fear of God’, thank God for Jesus. That for both individuals, societies, nations and civilizations, judgement, destruction and condemnation, abandonment and destruction are part of God’s Plan B.

And not the Sovereign preference of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Who so loved the entire world, that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the Cross of Calvary, that whosoever believes in Him, turns and repents and become baptized and receives the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, should not perish but have eternal life. Plan A.

A God of love and mercy and compassion who has the power to make all things new!

This aspect of God, making all things new, is what I was led to read , opened Chris Tiegreen’s ‘ The Wonder of The Cross’, Devotional book randomly, this week. And offer it to a ‘ dying world’.


Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. Isaiah 65:17

Many religions aim at improving this world. Others aim at escaping it. Christianity does neither. A fallen world enslaved by corruption cannot be ‘improved’; it needs a re-creation.

And a world created ” very good” by a God with a strong sense of purpose cannot be abandoned. In between both extremes is the truth. God’s plan is create new heavens and a new earth. The rebellion’ s effects will be burned up, and the original purposes will be fulfilled. God makes all things new.

Isn’t that exciting? Every time you find yourself dreading the to-do-list of the day or lamenting the futility of the world around you, think about what it will be like to live in new heavens and earth. In this new creation there will be no frustrations, no unsatisfied desires, no aimlessness, no corruption, no personal insults, no tedious tasks, no wondering if it is worth all the trouble.

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis describes the curse as ” always winter and never Christmas.”. In the new heavens and new earth, it will be always spring and never Good Friday. Mourning will be a thing of the past, and celebration will be the cultural norm.

Comment: As I read the meditation, one verse of Scripture in particular came to mind:

If any man be in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away. And behold all things are made new.

It’s time, in fact way past time, for the children of God, to recapture the Joy that God in Christ is doing a new thing in this world. And be of (very) good courage!

Spreading the Good News that there is Hope for all who have sinned. Hope in the love and mercy of God in and through Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Even though the news of the day, and the ‘ wisdom of the age’, conspire to paint a different picture. That wickedness and infamy and rebellion against previously held moral values are the new norm. So we ought to ‘ get over it’. And ‘ get with the program ‘. For we ‘ run tings’. Not God.

So they think. Until real Judgement comes. Destruction! And not just death, or imprisonment or loneliness or torment. Plan B. All because we ignored Plan A. Christ our Redeemer! The full and complete manifestation of the love of the Sovereign God for all mankind and all creation!


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